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Those of us who grew up in church have heard our fair share of worship leaders, pastors, ministers, and preachers share soul stirring sermons and messages that have the congregation on their feet filled with spirit.

But if you think about it, this type of speaking can be significantly draining for the speaker. Sermons can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour long (and sometimes longer, honestly). Preachers are expected, in a way, to sustain this high energy for most of their delivery. This can be taxing on the body and on the voice when done on a weekly basis. 

In spite of all that preachers have to do to deliver their message, I don't see why preachers can't holler and squall the way you want. Or why shouldn't be able to sustain the energy they need to deliver your messages each and every time?

At the Waziri Roundtable (“waziri” means minister in Swahili), I  want to help you control your delivery so you don't give too much before the end of the message! I also want to help you understand the importance of vocal health so you can continue to do what you do and continue to inspire your congregations for weeks and years to come




This roundtable will take place via

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