Vocal Base.png

A Series of Downloadable Vocal Exercises


Most working singers and speakers are on-the-go and may not have the time to come by (or call) the studio to make sure their voices are in shape and ready to go when they need it to be.

To allay this issue, Jaron has developed a series of pre-recored vocal exercises entitled VOCAL BASE

By no means do these pre-recorded exercises take the place of a face-to-face session, but these exercises serve as a back up plan and an aid to make sure your voice is ready go when you can’t make it into the voice studio. The “Base” in the title indicates that these exercises are to serve as a starting point for warming up and conditioning the voice.

Before you make your purchase, be certain that you take note of which edition(s) will best suit your voice whether you're a speaker or singer.



There are three different editions for different vocal ranges. Though these ranges may not fit your voice perfectly, we are sure one of the three Singer editions will suit your voice best.

There is an edition tailor-made for speakers. No singing is needed for this edition.