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Just because you’re interested in voice training doesn't mean that you’re a “bad” singer. Almost every professional singer has a coach or teacher that they consult to keep their voice ready for their heavy performance schedules. Think about it - those individuals who sing for a living sing for about five hours a day (and often more). If they sing that much, a voice professional is vital for the artists' vocal health longevity, and stamina. Their paycheck depends on the their voice!

We totally get how voice training can seem a little intimidating because some people feel as if they’re going to lose their artistry or be made to sound different that what they desire. But our mission to do the exact opposite. We want you to be exactly who you are - just a better version! You like to growl when you sing? Great! You prefer to use breathy tones when singing certain songs? Me too! Whatever you sing, we want to help you sing it healthily and efficiently.

Sessions are offered in-person at the studio or via video technology (Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout). 

There is special pricing for students in grades 7 - 12

 Package discounts are also available.

If you need more information about tuition, please contact the studio by clicking here.