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HELLO, There!

I’m Jaron ( \dʒɛrən\ ), the Founder and Owner of the Jaron M. LeGrair Studio! I am a voice teacher, vocal coach, speech coach, voice researcher, professor, and entrepreneur who loves to help people use their voice as efficiently as possible. Though I am a singer by trade, I have dedicated my career to understanding the voice and how it works so I can help others use their best voice. I encourage vocal, artistic, and wholistic betterment to every client that comes through my studio’s doors.

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My unique voice has influenced my artistry as well as my teaching. My quest for further knowledge of the pedagogy of modern singing styles is a direct result of his upbringing. As a child, I sang soprano in my church’s children’s choir. I continued singing Gospel as I grew older, but branched out into musical theatre and classical music in middle school as a result of attending a performing arts institution. This trend continued through my high school career and ended up being what I would study in college. Even while training in these other styles, I never stopped singing Gospel.

What most don’t know about me is my history of speech and communication difficulties as a child that influenced my development of the speaking voice and care for the professional voice user. Throughout infancy and elementary school, I was frequently ill which forced me to spend many nights in the hospital. Within the early years of treatment and rehabilitation, I was given steroids to aid in the healing process. As a side effect of the medicines, the frontal lobe of my brain was slightly affected, altering my speech and communication. My speech was mostly incomprehensible which made it nearly impossible for me to communicate with anyone besides my immediate family. As a result of these past experiences, I have married  my love for music and voice science to help those who have voice and speech complications as well as professional voice users. 



I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music from The University of Akron and a Master of Arts in Voice Pedagogy from The Ohio State University. I have also completed courses at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Communication Sciences and Disorders.


I also hold a Certificate of Figure Proficiency from Estill Voice Training, a world-renowned voice training and rehabilitation program.



In addition to running the studio, I am an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Point Park University. There at Point Park, I teach private voice to Music Theatre majors, minors, and non-majors as well other courses as needed. Additionally, I teach Musical Theatre Voice and direct the Gospel Choir at Youngstown State University. I also serve as an Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts and Music at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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I have been afforded the opportunities to present and publish research and information that I love on many stages for several organizations:


Using Estill to Understand Gospel / Estill Voice International: 9th Annual World Symposium / London, England / 2019

A Survey of Basic Vocal Technique, Vocal Knowledge, and Vocal Health Awareness in African-American Gospel Singers and Worship Leaders / The Voice Foundation: 48th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / 2019

The Gospel Choir Sound in the African American Church: Explanation, Production, and Pedagogical Exploration / Northwest Voice: The Art and Science of the Performing Voice / Seattle, Washington / 2019

The Comparison of Vibrato Between Classical Tenors and Gospel Tenors / The Voice Foundation: 45th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / 2016

The Comparison of Vibrato Between Classical Tenors and Gospel Tenors / The Ohio State University: Voice Forum / Columbus, Ohio / 2014


I am a proud member of the National Association for Teachers of Singing (NATS), Pan-American Vocology Association (PAVA), The Voice Foundation, and the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA).


I am also an advocate of the arts in my community. I served as a founding board member of ArtsNow currently and a board member of the Kent State University Academy of Performing Arts Vocal Pathway for Akron Public School's College and Career Academies. 



I get the wonderful opportunity to work with many types of clients. I get to coach and teach clients who are worship leaders, recordings artists, non-profit and corporate professionals, athletes, background vocalists, preachers, pastors, and musical theatre performers among many other types. Many of my clients end up doing great things in their respective careers and fields of study. Take a look at some of the places my clients have had the chance to go!






I have served as a vocal coach and producer for several staged productions and concerts including Paul: A Musical Journey by Dr. Charles Myricks, Akron Symphony's "Opera's Greatest Moments and Gospel Meets Symphony. One of my favorite recent experiences is serving as the Musical Director for Dreamgirls with the Millennial Theatre Project at the Akron Civic Theatre.